Friday, 9 August 2013

Positronic Brain Sim requires no MCU?

A Diamond Flashing LEDs Update II

Christmas lights, Halloween, Mood Light, Baby Light

This is a screen-shot of the positronic-brain-sim PCB design [R = red, G = green, A = amber P = pink] The LEDs are diamond cut flashing leds available here: Rapid [UK]

The design is copyright of Craig Turner 2012, 2013. But feel free to make some PCBs for personal use and enjoy them. No PCB copies should be made for sale or any commercial use.

This could be a costume Idea for Halloween (I plan to put them in a model of a human head), Christmas lights, a mood light, baby lights or any other cool lighting idea application. It's so simple, and works on the principle that each colour has differnt power requirements hence no MCU is required. It reminded me of a positronic brain you might find inside an android. See here for more details of  How it works. 

NB that LED D18 is in fact Green and not Yellow. It was mistakenly shown as yellow in an earlier post.

Here is the circuit diagram again in it's simplest form. As you can see it's just a grid of these special LEDs with a power supply (eg USB) and a switch. It runs quite happily and brightly off 5v so a USB is perfect.

I'm looking into getting some PCBs made of this simple design so I can easily share it with friends and family, the Scouts and anyone else, for that matter. Here is the art work in .jpg format if you want to etch one yourself, on my Google Drive.

See comment on Hackaday

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  1. PCBs have arrived looking nice. Will report soon !