Saturday, 18 May 2013

Earth Rover 

Part II

Android-Arduino User-Interface

Tablet Screen Shot

This is my first stab at producing a user interface to communicate with my Arduino Earth Rover over blue-tooth. I given links to the code below, it's a bit raw but there lots of work to do. You can send commands from the Android, like setting the speed and direction. Also there is some test code to confirm the sending of data from the Arduino, eg a bump sensor. When the correct data  is sent from the Rover an alert toast appears and the text of a button will change to red, depending on which side of the Rover was bumped.

 * Please note this code is provided for free and AS IS. There is no support and no guarantee
 * from the Author. As a non-expert I am happy to answer constructive comments and questions.
 *Subject to GNU licence version 3 and copyright of Craig Turner May 2013:

 * please use it, modify it, and enjoy it.
 * If you find it useful please link to my website:
 * Bluetooth coding based on Matt Bell's Blog here:
Arduino code here
Android code here

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