Monday 10 December 2012

Remote Controlled Eight-Relay Board


- An RC Firework Firing Device

- Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) and Tests

Fireworks are dangerous so I want to make this all as safe as I can. I think the best way to do this is to devise an SOP that can guide the design of devices and of the code. You could use this approach of using a standard or safe operating procedure to guide the design of many types of devices. It doesn't just apply to fireworks firers. I won't cover the general guidance for having a firework display. Information from can be found here: HSE firework displays.

 Proceed as follows 

1. Set up the fireworks.
2. Wire the talon igniters into their respective barrier terminals according to your firing design / sequence
3. Connect the Talon igniters to the fuses on the fireworks
4. Connect the 12v battery (white LED strip should come on)
5. Connect the 9v battery to the power jack ( buzzer should sound for  a few secs)
6. Turn the key switch clockwise (red led should come on)
7. The relay side is ready and should be transmitting a ready signal on RF
8. Move a to the safe firing distance
9. Open the missile switch cover and switch the hand-held controller ON
. The led flashes red and green a few times, then turns green.
11. Enter PIN number => led turns red

12. Press a keypad key (red led flashes)

  • 1 - 7 fires a relay
  • fires all relays
  • *  sounds buzzer
  • 0  stops all

13. Enjoy the fireworks!
14. At the end switch power off on the hand-held and replace the switch cover.
15. Turn key-switch off (anticlockwise)
17. Remove battery from jack


Testing the device against the SOP

The video says it all:

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