Sunday, 4 November 2012

Gampa Geek goes online



Gampa Geek is an old guy who likes electronics and micro-controllers, and basically any cool science stuff.

"I will be sharing my geekery recipes and webfinds from the Wide World Wonder of my comfy armchair, and my beautifully knitted computers..." GG.

Facebook:  Gampa Geek

Look out for Gampa Geek's:

Geekery recipes
A bit like cookery but geekery :) Whilst doing stuff I have fallen into loads of pitfalls, become confused, wasted loads of time fannying around, blown components and destroyed stuff by mistake (sometimes expensively). I want others to avoid these if possible so I create Geekery recipes to follow. Also I hope others will offer constructive comment to improve these recipes.

Gampa Geek is really Dr Craig Turner, born in the 1960's, a life-long scientist who has recently been studying electronics and microelectronics online. Craig (Gampa Geek) is committed to learning. He firmly believes that older people should share their knowledge and experience. He set up this site to share findings, links and projects, and other cool stuff from a Wide World of Wonder.

Work published in this blog is subject to copyright laws. Most is provided free,as is, and without support, except I will try to answer constructive comments and questions on this blog. There may be exceptions to this rule and these will be clearly stated where appropriate.

 Also Arduino help can be found here: 

and here is my membership at;u=48270 you will have to resister to view this

Programming esp. JAVA, ANDROID help here:

    Facebook:  Craig Turner

Destined to be a geek, he got his first Chemistry set at age 5. A Thomas Salter set This is an example of set 3, but set 1 was suitable for a 5 year old.


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